Open Road India – 15 – JUNG HINDUSTANI (Bhawanipur, UP)

Open Road India – 15 – JUNG HINDUSTANI (Bhawanipur, UP)

It has been 70 years since the independence of our country, though the urban areas are expanding rapidly, it’s not the same with the interiors of our country.

For more than a decade Jung Bahadur has been fighting for the fundamental rights of tribals in Bhawanipur, Uttar Pradesh. His efforts have not been in vain, due to his persistence, the villagers now have access to essential rights and documentation such as birth certificates, proof or residence, ration cards and can finally vote, they also have solar lights and hand pumps now.

In 2012, Manorani devi, donated land for the placement of toilets in Bhawanipur. She is a widowed mother of 6 and understands the importance of toilets in every home. She now visits neighbouring villages and spreads the message of cleanliness and hygiene.

Jung Hindustani is most certainly a person driven by passion, watch to find out more about his incredible story.

A place where races, religions, languages and cultures merge to form a unique melting pot of diversity. A country quickly climbing the ranks as a superpower. But what makes India truly incredible? We set on a journey to find out. A journey to meet the people who make up the essential fabric of the country. People who we see every day, but rarely meet.

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