Open Road India – 9 – Kumbh ‘The Foot Soldiers’ (Nasik)

Open Road India – 9 – Kumbh ‘The Foot Soldiers’ (Nasik)

We ventured to the Kumbh mela in Nasik, and got some wisdom from baba’s and sadhus. The naga sadhus are prominent at the Kumbha mela and are the Foot Soldiers of the Hindus, they take the form of lord Shiva and devote their lives to spirituality through meditation. Along with thousands of devotees, the naga sadhus take their holy dip in the river Godavari in Nasik.

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A place where races, religions, languages and cultures merge to form a unique melting pot of diversity. A country quickly climbing the ranks as a superpower.  But what makes India truly incredible? We set on a journey to find out. A journey to meet the people who make up the essential fabric of the country. People who we see every day, but rarely meet.

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